Apple’s new videos aim to lure Android users into switching to iPhone

Apple on Monday shared five short switcher videos through its official channel on YouTube. Titled “Photos”, “Jump”, “Fast”, “Privacy” and “Music”, each runs sixteen seconds long.

The latest ad campaign uses the new tagline “Life’s easier on iPhone”.

The new clips promote some of the benefits of being an iPhone user, ranging from the official “Move to iOS” Android app (available free on Play Store) to the company’s in-house designed chips that make iPhone the fastest smartphone in the world in terms of single-core CPU benchmarks to Apple’s commitment to privacy and more.

Here are the videos.


“Switch to iPhone. The Move to iOS app makes it simple to move your photos, music and more to iPhone,” reads the video’s description.




“iPhone is designed to run fast. Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone.”


“We build iPhone with your privacy in mind. Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone.”

Apple also updated its “Switch to iPhone” webpage with a new design and additional information aimed at encouraging Android customers to consider switching to Apple’s phone.

The mini-site offers additional information on switching from Android to an iPhone with FAQ-style answers to questions like “Is the camera as good as they say?”, “Why is iPhone so fast?”, “What makes Messages so great?” and “Will I love my iPhone”, among other topics.

How do you like Apple’s new switcher videos?