Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Don’t Stop the Party!, NoMoreStories, StatusPeek2, & more…

Those of you clinging onto that iOS 10 jailbreak wall want to hold onto it a bit longer. There’ve have been some neat jailbreak tweak releases these past couple of weeks and every Sunday we come at you with a roundup, showcasing the best of the week.

In this roundup, we’ll follow that same tradition, talking about all of the jailbreak tweaks that were released in Cydia. We’ll start first with our favorites and then move onto everything else afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

Don’t Stop the Party! – $2.00

Don’t Stop the Party! is a great new jailbreak tweak that lets you listen to undisturbed music even through your resprings.

You might be used to your respring completely killing the Music app or any other third-party music app you’re using in the process, but this tweak allows the music to play continuously, even as your SpringBoard is restarting.

While we’ve seen tweaks that allows music to continue where it left off after a respring, this is certainly a first for continuous play, which will make listening to music on jailbroken devices far more bearable for many.

Be sure to read our full review of Don’t Stop the Party! to learn more about how it works.

NoMoreStories – FREE

I think just about everyone can agree that Facebook likes forcing unwanted features down users’ throats, and the Stories feature might just be one of the latest of such additions.

NoMoreStories is a good solution to this problem, as it hides the Stories feature from the Facebook app on your jailbroken device.

You can read our full review of NoMoreStories to see how the tweak works and what else it can do for you that might benefit your Facebook experience.

StatusPeek 2 – $0.99

Because that pitiful Notification Center grabber is all but useless, StatusPeek 2 lets you make it a little bit more useful.

This tweak replaces the Notification Center grabber with the Status Bar so that you can quickly and easily peek at your battery and signal levels, as well as the time with as simple swipe down from the stop of the screen while using full-screen apps.

Moreover, pulling down again will open Notification Center, just like the grabber normally would.

You effectively don’t give up any functionality with StatusPeek 2, but you do gain more. You can read our full review on the tweak to learn more about how it works and why it’s an improvement over the stock functionality.

Other releases this week

AdBlock for YouTube: Blocks pesky ads from appearing in the YouTube app (free)

AirDrop Disabler: Removes AirDrop from the Action Sheets and cleans up the look (free – review)

Birdhouse: Lets you replace the “No Notifications” text in Notification Center with a Tweet (free – review)

discreetVoiceMemos: Makes it less obvious when you’re using the Voice Memos app to record things (free – review)

Don’t Stop the Party Lite: Keeps music from the Music app playing even during a respring (free – review)

GoAway: Customize the iPhone is Disabled text that appears after too many failed passcode attempts (free – review)

I See Stars III (iOS 10): Lets you view song ratings in the Music app’s playlist view (free – review)

WAAutoReply: Adds auto-reply features to the WhatsApp Messenger app ($5.00 – Enterprise option available for $15.00)

WechatFakeSteps: Lets you fake your footsteps in the Wechat app (free)

Although that wraps it up for this week, we’ll be back again next Sunday with the next roundup. If you’re itching for more tweaks, be sure to check out last week’s roundup to ensure you haven’t missed anything special and stay tuned to iDB throughout the week as we cover the latest jailbreak tweaks and news.

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