Google’s Snapseed app picks up new Double Exposure filter + Pose & Expand tools

Google just pushed a new version of Snapseed for iPhone and iPad to App Store. Snapseed version 2.17 includes a new Face Pose tool, the app’s second tool that focuses on working with portraits and selfies. There’s also a new Double Exposure filter for blending two photos using analog film techniques and digital image processing. You can grab the latest version of Snapseed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at no charge from App Store.

Like Face Enhance, Face Pose detects a face in the photo and lets you interact with it and do things like modify the orientation of a head. “Face Pose is limited to work on one face only so give it a try with a selfie or a portrait of one person,” says the search giant.

Here’s a GIF animation showing the feature in action.

The tool first maps the individual pixels of a face onto a three-dimensional model.

This lets you tilt and pan the face to a certain degree. The parameter-selector icon found at the bottom lets you modify certain facial features like the size of the pupils, the intensity of a smile and the photo’s apparent focal length.

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With Expand, another new tool in Snapseed 2.17, you can increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in smart ways with content from your image.

Grab Snapaseed for free from App Store.