How to save your live Instagram videos to iPhone

Photography service Instagram allows you to save your live broadcast to the Camera roll right after you’ve ended it. In this brief step-by-step tutorial, we’re going to teach you how you can save live Instagram videos to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This will save you a lot of headache if you want to keep your live Instagram videos forever, re-use and edit your broadcasts in other apps, relive them at any time, even when your device is without network connectivity, and more.

How to save live Instagram broadcasts to iPhone or iPad

1) Launch Instagram and tap the Camera icon in the upper left corner.

2) Hit the LIVE button at the bottom, then confirm that you’d really wish to go live by tapping the button Start Live Video.

Go live in Instagram

3) You’re now streaming live on Instagram, as indicated by the pink LIVE icon in the upper-left corner. When you want to finished broadcasting, end your live stream by tapping the End button in the upper right corner of the screen, then confirm the action by tapping End Live Video.

End live video in Instagram

4) You’ll see stats, including a recap of users who showed up to watch you live.

Save your live instagram broadcast

Now tap Save in the upper right corner to save your just-finished live Instagram broadcast ask a video file in the Photos library on your device. This will not save the comments, likes, number of viewers or any live interactions associated with your live broadcast.

Tip: You’ll only see this option right after you’ve ended your broadcast.

It may take a minute or so for a live video to save to the phone, especially for longer broadcasts.

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After the live video saves to the Camera roll, it will no longer be available on Instagram. Likewise, if you don’t save a live video to your device at the end of a broadcast, it will disappear from the app when you’re done.

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Saving Instagram broadcasts gives you the flexibility to re-watch the clips later, share them on other social media services, edit them using apps like iMovie, sync them across all your devices with iCloud Photo Library, Google Photo or similar services and what not.

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