This is your last chance to save your Vine videos

Following the recent announcement that the Vine app as we know it will be sunset and morphed into a camera app, today is your last chance to save those Vine videos you created and published on the service over the years.

As the Vine app will officially become Vine Camera today (January 17th), the company says all videos uploaded will remain on the website where you’ll still be able to watch them, but if you were big on Vine, it might still be a good idea to save all your creations locally either to your iPhone or to a computer.

How to save your Vine videos

Fortunately, Vine has made it easy for users to download their videos. We’ll show you how.

1) In the Vine app, tap on the Profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

2) In your profile header, tap on the Save Videos button. You will be given two options. You can either choose Save to photo library or to Email me a download link. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

If you choose the save to your photo library, your Vine videos will be saved locally to your iPhone. From there you will be able to easily share them again on a different social media platform.

If you choose to receive a download link, you will then receive an email with a link to download a zip file containing your archive of videos.

The whole process is pretty foolproof and shouldn’t take more than a few seconds or minutes, depending on how many videos you ever uploaded to Vine.

Any Viners left out there? If so, what do you intend to do with your archive of videos?