Twitter transitioning Vine into pared-down camera app

Vine logo green medium

Twitter on Friday announced that it would not be shutting down its popular video social media service, but will instead transition it into a ‘Vine Camera’ app. The new app will be a very pared-down version of the current client, and will be available in January.

With Vine Camera, you’ll still be able to record looping 6-second videos, but your only other options will be to share it to Twitter or save it to your phone. The goal here is to allow folks to continue to create Vines, but to move the social media aspect to Twitter.

“In the coming days we’re also rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter,” the Vine team said in today’s blog post. It also noted that you’re now able to download Vine clips from the website and from within the app.

Vine was acquired by Twitter before it launched in January 2013. The app grew very quickly, but eventually its top creators moved on, and their users followed. In October it was announced Vine would be shutting down, followed by rumors of buyout discussions.

Source: Vine