How to use less cellular data in the Skype app

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If you’re a Skype user and frequently use the iPhone or iPad app to keep in touch with people, then you could benefit from knowing how to limit cellular data use to prevent your capped data plan from burning through your limits too quickly.

Fortunately, Skype comes with some options you can use configure to fine-tune your data usage whenever you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you’re ready to start saving data while you’re using the Skype app, you will want to delve into the app’s settings and toy around with the data savings options yourself.

Limiting Skype data usage

To limit how much data Skype uses on your cellular network while you’re out and about, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Skype app on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap on the My Info tab and open the Settings preferences pane.

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4) Scroll down and tap on the Download video messages pane.

5) Enable the WiFi only setting.

With this setting enabled, any time you receive video messages, which are typically large files, you will only download them when you connect to Wi-Fi, and this prevents you from going over your cellular data caps.

Additionally, if you’re getting dangerously close to your data cap and you don’t want to take any chances, you can follow these steps (temporarily) to keep Skype from using any of your cellular data at all:

1) Open the Settings app and go to the Cellular preferences pane.

Kill All Skype Cellular Data Usage

2) Scroll down until you see Skype and turn it off.

This is going to prevent Skype from using any of your cellular data at all. You can keep it turned off temporarily until your carrier’s billing period ends and this will ensure Skype doesn’t use any more of your cellular data for the time being. After the billing period ends, you can turn it back on again.

Overall, sending messages to your contacts isn’t going to use a lot of data. Generally, sending media back and forth and taking Skype calls and video calls will, so you should avoid sending photos and videos and accepting Skype calls whenever you’re connected to a cellular network.

If you’re not already using Skype on your iPhone, you can download it for free from the App Store. A separate app is available in the App Store for free for the iPad.

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