Fllike, Chordify, Hive Social, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

We are back with another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great apps and games for you to check out over the weekend, including an app for grading your airline experiences, an app for learning musical chords for your favorite songs, and a new mafia-based RPG.



Fllike is a simple travel app for tracking and scoring your flight experiences, and browsing the flight scores from other travelers. Scoring is easy—simply scan your boarding pass or enter your flight number and use the intuitive sliders to mark your grades in categories like seating, crew, punctuality and more. Obviously the app’s effectiveness will depend on its growth and traction, and I’m not thrilled with the name, but it seems worth checking out for frequent travelers. Fllike is available for free.



Aspiring musicians, this one is for you. Chordify helps you learn and play the music you love, regardless of skill level. Featuring automatic beat detection and state-of-the-art chord recognition technology, the app can provide piano, ukulele and guitar chords for more than 4.5 million songs. Other features include cross-platform library integration, favorites, animated chord grid-view and more. Chordify is available for free.

Hive Social


Ever wish you could connect with people who love the same things you do? Tired of the current social network landscape? Hive Social is for you. The app allows you to chat in forums that are interest-based so you can get to know real people that share your views and passions. You can even post to a specific group of people in your area. Again, this is one of those things where success will depend on people using it, but I think it’s important to showcase promising alternatives to Facebook and Twitter. Hive Social is available for free.

Mafia III: Rivals


Steal, seize, and slaughter for control of New Bordeaux in Mafia III: Rivals, a brand new battle RPG set in the violent and gritty universe of Mafia III. Be the boss and assemble your crime family. Outfit your characters with brutal weapons, items, vehicles, and stake your claim over local businesses. As your power grows, so does your stake in the criminal underworld. Own the city. There are some IAPs here, but early reviews are fairly positive. Mafia III: Rivals is available for free.



Two buttons. One space ship. Zero chance to survive. Goliath is attacking your planet, but you’ve heroically stayed behind with your ship so your family can evacuate. SPIN and GUN your way to victory. Fly and steer with either single button, or press both buttons at once to fire your ship’s powerful blaster gun. Grab powerups to launch missiles, plasma balls, and flames at your foes. Blast em to bits quick to repair your ship. How long can you fight them off? Spingun is available for free.

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