Adobe releases Photoshop and Premiere Elements 15 with facial feature adjustments & more

Adobe Photoshop Premiere Elements 15 teaser

Adobe today released new versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements for Mac and Windows with new automated tools, video collages, facial feature adjustments allowing you to change frowned faces into bright smiles with open eyes, a Photomerge Group Shot option that combines faces and bodies from a series of pictures to create a single perfect composite and much more.

Adobe Elements Organizer 15 is now optimized for touchscreen PCs and brings out Organizer and Quick Edit modes, smart tagging, enhanced search with support for places, events and popular subjects to locate the right photos, a better Instant Fix feature for batch-editing multiple images in one go, and more.

Organizer uses facial/object recognition to analyze your images and automatically suggest smart tags for popular objects letting you quickly sort photos by sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats and other preset tags with minimal effort.

Here’s a video showing transforming frowns into smiles, adjusting squinting eyes and making other quick tweaks, which Adobe calls Adjust Facial Features.

Photoshop Elements 15 has gained five new guided edits, each offering step-by-step instructions on complex image editing tasks, so you now have 45 guided edits total.

The new guided edits include Photo Text for transforming an image into editable text, Painterly for helping you paint a stylized effect over a subject, Effects Collage for applying multiple effects to a single photo, Speed Pan for adding motion blur to a subject and Frame Creator for building and saving custom image frames.

  • Photo Text: Now you can easily transform any photo into cool visual text and add an embossed look and drop shadows to really make it pop. It’s great for anyone creating collages, scrapbook pages, cards, signs, and more.
  • Painterly: Convert your photos into unique works of art. Painterly teaches you how to paint an effect over your subject and then add textures and color themes —perfect for sharing on social media or as a printed keepsake.
  • Effects Collage : get artistic by adding multiple effects to a single photo. Tap into multiple templates and themes to choose one that suits your style.
  • Speed Pan: Don’t know how to or weren’t able to catch the perfect speed-pan action shot? No problem. This new guided edit adds a motion blur behind your subject to create the dramatic effect.
  • Frame Creator: A new way to create your own custom frames to complement your favorite photos and they can be added to the existing frame library.

And here’s a new haze remover tool in Premiere Elements 15.

Premiere Elements 15 has also gained a new Remix feature that automatically remixes any track to match the length of your movie, a Collage tool that combines photos and video for sharing on social media, face detection for video available in Favorite Moments, Pan and Zoom and Smart Trim, plus much more.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for Mac and Windows are available from the Adobe website for $99 each, or as a $149.99 bundle.