NYT is shutting down its Now app on August 29

NYT Now 2.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Released in March of 2014, The New York Times’ news curation app, NYT Now, is scheduled to shut down on August 29, the newspaper announced in a blog post.

The app debuted as a more affordable alternative to the paper’s digital subscriptions, offering premium content for as low as $8 per month. It was regularly updated and at one point even gained features like 1Password integration.

“NYT Now was a milestone in mobile news, featuring innovations that drew widespread praise, from the Morning and Evening Briefings to the links that we highlighted in publications around the web,” reads an editor’s note on the Times website.

As those features are now found in the main NYTimes mobile app, the decision has been made to pull NYT Now from mobile app stores starting the week of August 29.

NYT Now’s helped enhance the paper’s appeal to younger audiences and mobile users by providing a curated subset of daily articles, enabling the paper to tap into younger audiences and provide exposure to a much wider audience.

“The NYTimes app now has the carefully curated feel that NYT Now pioneered, based on The Times’s visual journalism and a readily scannable overview of the day’s top stories,” said the Times.

Existing NYT Now users can continue using the app, but no new news will be served inside of it after August 29 and it’ll no longer be updated starting in September.

NYTTimes for iOS is available on the App Store. That app is based on the paper’s subscription model and lets everyone read ten free articles a month.

Source: The New York Times