Snapseed update adds Text filter, image resizing when exporting and sharing & more

Snapseed 2.8 Text filter teaser

Since buying Snapseed from Nik Software in September 2012, Google has been somewhat neglecting this once popular mobile image editor, issuing maintenance updates that were light on new features. Today, the search firm announced that Snapseed, at long last, is getting some interesting new capabilities via an update on iOS and Android. The Text filter is now available and you can configure the app to resize photos when sharing/exporting.

UI adjustments and bug fixes are included in Snapseed 2.8 as well.

Say hello to Text filter on Snapseed

The new Text filter allows Snapseed user to customize their images with more than three dozen font styles and various colors to choose from. You can invert the text, change the opacity and more, and even use the Text filter in combination with the stack brush to create unique designs or instant memes.

The new Text filter is found in the app’s Tools menu.

Image resizing

As mentioned, Snapseed can now be configured to resize photos to a certain size when sharing or exporting. Just tap a new settings pane to choose a desired output size of your images before exporting or sharing them, ranging from 800 to 4,000 pixels, or elect to keep the image’s original resolution when sharing or exporting.

Grab Snapseed at no charge from the App Store.

Source: Google