Apple Watch 2 could employ One Glass Solution technology for a thinner, lighter display

Apple Watch (Retina display 001)

Aside from other rumored hardware improvements, a second-generation Apple Watch should ditch the current Glass on Glass (G/G) Retina touchscreen and replace it with a thinner and lighter display based on so-called One Glass Solution (OGS) screen technology, according to Apple supplier TPK Holding cited Friday by Taiwan’s infamous hit-and-miss trade publication DigiTimes.

Because OGS eliminates a layer, adopting the technology should help the Apple Watch 2 conserve space and potentially even accommodate a larger battery.

It must be noted that TPK also warned investors about various technical issues, including lower-than-anticipated yield rates for the new Apple Watch’s OSG solution which could result in limited launch availability of the Apple Watch 2.

“The change in touch panel technology involved unexpected technological difficulties and therefore yield rates for OGS touch panels were much lower than expected,” TPK explained.

As mentioned, the Apple Watch currently uses Glass-On-Glass display technology which sandwiches the device’s flexible OLED touchscreen between a capacitive stack of materials, including two pieces of glass.

Apple Watch 2 is expected to be thinner and more waterproof than existing models and powered by a speedier, power-sipping ‘S2’ processor with more RAM to make multitasking and everyday operations smoother.

The device may include a FaceTime camera for video chats. It’s also said to have embedded GPS and track swimming. On top of that, The Wall Street Journal predicted Apple might introduce a new model with an embedded cellular connectivity. The screen format and resolution of the Apple Watch 2 apparently won’t change.

Supply chain sources think the Apple Watch 2 will launch in September or October.

Source: DigiTimes