Rumor: Apple Watch 2 screen to remain square, resolution unchanged

Apple Watch (Retina display 001)

Contrary to speculative reporting, a next-generation Apple Watch will not switch to a round screen instead as some watchers have been hoping. Moreover, the device’s screen resolution will remain unchanged from the first-generation model.

According to sources in Asian supply chain who spoke to Taiwanese media, it does however appear that the Apple Watch 2 display will be a tad thinner in order to accommodate a bigger battery.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t immediately clear whether a bigger battery will let the device run longer on a single charge. Apple typically engineers its mobile devices with a specific battery life target.

For example, all iPads starting from the original iPad released five years ago and all the way up to the latest iPad Air 2 have been advertised as having a ten-hour battery.

While a bigger battery would lead to a longer run time between charges, I suspect that added capacity will power new sensors and hardware features.

apple watch home screen

In other words, don’t expect longer than the advertised 18-hour battery performance just because Apple Watch 2 is rumored to have a bigger battery inside.

In terms of display size and resolution, as mentioned before, the second-generation watch should come in two display sizes and resolutions like the inaugural model.

As a reminder, the 38mm Apple Watch has a 272-by-340 pixel resolute screen measuring 1.32 inches diagonally, or 33.5 millimeter. The 42mm model has a 1.5-inch screen (39 millimeter) sporting 312-by-390 pixels.

The source said Samsung Display will join LG Display in providing P-OLED panels for the Apple Watch 2. LG Display is an exclusive provider of OLED panels for the current Apple Watch.

According to another sketchy rumor published by 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch 2 should incorporate a camera integrated into the top bezel for conducting FaceTime video conversations.

Source: Naver via G for Games