Supply chain rumor: Apple Watch 2 to release in September or October

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The Apple Watch should receive its first hardware refresh this September or October, or about a year and a half following its April 2015 debut. That’s according to supply chain sources that spoke to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes. “Although the second-generation Apple Watch is estimated to be unveiled in September or October, related supply chain is seeing rather conservative orders for the device,” as per the report.

Suppliers bracing for revenue drop

The report reiterates IDC’s findings proving weaker-than-expected orders for the Apple Watch amid slowing sales as customers increasingly hold off purchasing the device ahead of its expected hardware refresh. During the June quarter, Apple’s wearable device accounted for nearly half of the smartwatch market.

However, the Apple Watch does not provide sufficient profits to its component suppliers so they’re all bracing themselves for another revenue drop until the next model arrives. “A lack of applications and short battery life have prevented smartwatches from becoming a mainstream product,” concludes the report.

Our two cents

Despite its unreliable track record in breaking news about Apple’s future products, DigiTimes’ sources do frequently pinpoint upcoming new features.

September will be for the new iPhones so we don’t think it would be wise for Apple to also announce the Apple Watch 2 in the same month for any reporting on the device would get predictably drowned in a sea of iPhone-related news.

October would make more sense. We think new MacBooks and other Mac-related updates will be announced in October, but maybe the same media event will serve as a launchpad for the next Apple Watch.

Rumored Apple Watch 2 features

Apple Watch 2 is expected to be thinner and more waterproof than existing models and come outfitted with a speedier, power-sipping ‘S2’ processor with more RAM to make multitasking even smoother. It should include a FaceTime camera for video chats and improved Wi-Fi, have GPS and track swimming.

The Wall Street Journal thinks that Apple may be adding a new Apple Watch model with an embedded cellular connectivity. The screen format and resolution of the Apple Watch 2 won’t change, apparently.

Source: DigiTimes