Plausible concept imagines Magic Keyboard with contextually aware OLED function keys

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 003

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is adamant that one of the standout hardware features of a next-geneation MacBook is an OLED display which would replace the row of physical function keys. If that’s the case, and knowing how Apple works, we might easily see this OLED touch bar come to a next-generation Magic Keyboard.

That’s precisely the idea behind an interesting OLED Magic Keyboard concept by German magazine, realized in co-operation with Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek.

“The Macbook with OLED keys is all the rage. But hey, why only the Macbook? This is where the Magic Keyboard with OLED comes into play,” the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Felix Disselhoff, tells me in an email message.

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 001

“Since the display is touch sensitive, its visual appearance would be customizable—with either individually adaptable favourite keys or specifically assigned keys for apps,” the magazine explains.

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 002

Again, if an OLED MacBook is really in the cards then there’s no doubt in my mind that sooner than later we will see and OLED Magic Keyboard.

And why not?

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 005

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 007

With such an accessory, owners of desktop Macs would be able to take advantage of programmable OLED keys whose function could change from one app to another. The OLED touch panel could, for example, show YouTube’s progress bar or add play buttons specifically for Spotify.

OLED Magic Keyboard Curved concept 008

Purported photos of a next-generation MacBook Pro chassis seemingly confirm the OLED touchpad rumor. In addition, code string discovered in macOS Sierra provide more clues of an OLED touch bar coming to Apple’s notebook.

So what do you guys think, is an OLED Apple keyboard a possibility or not? And don’t tell me you don’t like Curved’s conceptual renderings.

I’m especially fond of a deep blue keyboard variant, which would look great next to my future Deep Blue iPhone 7.