Rumor: iPhone 7 to come in new deep blue color


Apple’s next flagship smartphone, currently being called the iPhone 7, may come in a new “deep blue” color, reports Macotakara. Citing an informed source, the website says that Apple plans to add the new colorway this fall as a replacement for its Space Gray offering.

It’s not hard to imagine Apple introducing new color options for its handset this fall, as it’s done so several times in the past. And with few major aesthetic changes expected for the iPhone 7, this would be a way for customers to distinguish the new model from its predecessors.

According to reliable information from a Chinese supplier, the LCD glass surface of the iPhone 7 to be released by Apple as the next model will be the same as that of the current model. However, a Deep Blue Color will probably be added this time.

As a Deep Blue will be added to the current Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, it is highly likely that the Space Gray will be discontinued, says the informed source

The second part of Macotakara’s report regarding Apple removing the Space Gray color option is harder to swallow. In-store and online inventory, particularly during launches, suggests this is by far the most popular iPhone colorway. So would Apple really just give it the axe?

That being said, Macotakara has accurately reported on Apple’s plans in the past. And as we saw with both the Gold and Rose Gold models, ideas of colors are very subjective. So maybe Apple is working on a blue iPhone. Or maybe it’s just a more bluish version of Space Gray.

What do you think?

Source: Macotakara