Watch cool new iOS 10 Messages features in a video Apple ran during WWDC keynote

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A supercharged Messages is definitely my killer app in iOS 10. Not only does it catch up to other messaging apps with perks like downloadable stickers, it actually leapfrogs them with cool new stuff such as full screen animations, chat bubbles that animate in specific ways to better convey your emotions, support for sketching and the Apple Watch’s Digital Touch feature and what not.

In fact, Messages in iOS 10 is so jam-packed with improvements that Apple ran a cool video during the keynote showing them off.

“With iOS 10, you will be able to do more and say more, faster, more simply, and in more expressive ways than ever before—like with a freaking fireworks display,” writes Apple.

And here it is.

How do you like the video?

And speaking of new Messages features in tow for iOS 10, which one is your favorite, and why? I must admit that I was sold on animated chat bubbles, full screen animations and downloadable Messages stickers and other extensions, à la Facebook Messenger.