Photoshop’s upcoming Content-Aware Crop tool magically fills in missing areas

Photoshop Content-Aware Crop screenshot 001

An upcoming release of Photoshop CC includes a brand new cropping tool which uses Adobe’s pretty awesome Content-Aware technology to automagically fill in missing areas of a photo. After straightening a photo by rotating it to one side or another, you’re normally left with missing corners.

The upcoming Content-Aware Crop tool in Photoshop CC taps Adobe’s Content-Aware technology to intelligently fill in the gaps when you use it to rotate an image or expand the canvas beyond the image’s original size. As evidenced by Adobe’s video demonstration, it works like magic.

Here is Content-Aware Crop in action.

The next version of Photoshop CC will include Content-Aware Crop and other cool new features that Adobe will probably highlight as we get closer to the app’s public release.

Source: Adobe