Tip: use this secret Siri Remote shortcut to manually send tvOS diagnostic logs to Apple

tvOS 9.2 send crash data notification Apple TV screenshot 001

Much like other Apple devices, your Apple TV lets you elect to have tvOS periodically send usage data to Apple and share crash logs with developers. When Share with App Developers is enabled underneath the Diagnostics Data heading in Settings → General → Privacy, your Apple TV will send diagnostic and usage information to Apple.

This data is used for the sole purpose of improving Apple’s products and services. None of the collected information identifies users personally but those who are concerned about their privacy will likely have this feature disabled, just in case.

There are cases when Apple might ask you to send them these log files manually—for instance, when using the Apple TV’s hidden remote diagnostic feature to help an advisor troubleshoot any problems you may be plagued with.

Thankfully, tvOS has a secret Siri Remote shortcut to override your Privacy settings and manually send those crash logs and diagnostic data straight to Apple.

How to manually send Apple TV diagnostic logs to Apple

1) Press and hold the Home and Volume Up button on your Siri Remote for a few seconds.

A notification should pop up in the upper right corner of the screen to inform your that tvOS has just sent crash logs to Apple.

tvOS 9.2 send crash data notification Apple TV screenshot 002

Easy-peasy, no?

And here’s what that notification looks like in action.

Other secret menus on your Apple TV

There are other secret Siri Remote shortcuts you can use to unlock certain hidden features of the tvOS operating system that are not user-facing by default, such as:

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