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iPhone SE big step

Although a good portion of Apple’s customers have migrated over to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones, it’s just too hard for some people to let go of the tried-and-true 4-inch handset because it fits in their hands so well. As a result of the demand, Apple has breathed new life into the 4-inch iPhone with the new iPhone SE that the company unveiled during Monday’s ‘Let us loop you in’ event.

Because the iPhone SE won’t be available for pre-order until Thursday, March 24th, no one actually has one yet. On the other hand, a few publications have already gone hands-on with the device on Apple’s campus post-event, and we’ll share some of the first reputable videos to hit the internet right here in this post.

Hands-on with the iPhone SE

The Verge notes that Apple has designed the iPhone SE to be “almost identical” to older models of the 4-inch iPhone. Of course, what you get with the iPhone SE is a lot of powerful technology that will be familiar to iPhone 6s users, crammed inside of a design we’re all used to from the days before we all upgraded.

Slashgear says the iPhone SE might give you a “sense of déjà vu” because of its familiarity to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. In fact, despite looking the same as older devices before it, it houses the power of an iPhone 6s in a design that fits into your pocket more easily without feeling like a ‘phablet’ as some people call them.

Engadget proclaims that the iPhone SE “takes just about everything we liked about the iPhone 6s and stuck it into a body that’s very reminiscent of the iPhone 5s.” Of course, those with smaller hands are going to love this because it puts the same big processing power into a smaller package, despite the lack of a 3D Touch display.

TechnoBuffalo says about the iPhone SE, “essentially what Apple has done is taken the innards of the iPhone 6s and crammed it in a four-inch package.” Of course, this means you can pull out your older iPhone 5s and look cool in public once again, except you won’t be as blazing fast when someone challenges you to a benchmarking competition.

Mashable explains the iPhone SE as “the body of a 5s” with the “guts of a 6s” and they couldn’t be more right. The iPhone SE takes a lot of the same hardware you get in the iPhone 6s and shrinks it down into a four-inch body. Of course, the price of the iPhone SE is definitely a great place to start at just $399; perhaps the cheapest new iPhone launch ever.

PCMag goes on to explain that the iPhone SE is the “smallest, premium, high-powered phone on the market today.” Taking the hardware from the iPhone 6s, which itself is no slouch, and putting into the body of an iPhone known for it’s portability and one-handed usefulness, Apple has created the ultimate smartphone for those with tiny hands or tight pockets.

CNNMoney says “the edge is a little different, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Of course, Apple has removed that chamfered edge that we all know and love from previous 4-inch iPhone models, but they’ve upgraded the hardware to such an extent that it almost doesn’t even matter.

CNET shares “you probably won’t know the difference is you’re showing it to somebody, but the iPhone SE is a fully-revamped phone.” With all the new features in a 4-inch iPhone, like the A9 chip, 12 megapixel camera, and Live Photos, it can be an exciting device. It’ll even fit in any old cases you have for your older iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

Wrapping up

It seems to be beating a dead horse to say that the iPhone SE is a bit of re-branded iPhone 6s guts in a smaller iPhone 5s casing, but that seems to be the general consensus between all of the first hands-on looks. What you see is what you get – a powerhouse in a familiar design.

Of course, the upgraded camera and the Live Photo capability are awesome, but because the iPhone SE lacks a 3D Touch display, you won’t get the full effect of a modern iPhone; so consider this if you need a new iPhone. Nevertheless, the $399 price tag looks great compared to $649 as the entry price for the iPhone 6s.

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What are your thoughts on the iPhone SE; will you be picking one up? Share in the comments!