How to name your Touch ID fingerprints to easily identify them

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On iPhones and iPads outfitted with Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor, you can set Touch ID to purchase App Store apps, pay for in-store items with Apple Pay, unlock private data in third-party apps, get into the device by scanning your fingerprint and more.

Enrolling multiple fingers is a great way to improve Touch ID accuracy and make your experience better. By default, iOS names each new fingerprint as “Finger 1,” “Finger 2,” “Finger 3” and so forth.

Thankfully, you can rename your saved prints to something more descriptive so you can quickly distinguish them.

How to give a name to your Touch ID fingerprints

1) Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap Touch ID & Passcode in the top-level menu and type in your passcode to access the section.

3) Tap a saved fingerprint to rename it.

Rename Touch ID fingerprint

Tip: To delete a fingerprint, swipe it and then tap the hidden Delete button or select it and choose Delete Fingerprint.

To use Touch ID instead of your Apple ID password for making purchases in the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store, make sure iTunes & App Store is turned on under Settings → Touch ID & Passcode.

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If you cannot enable this feature, double check that you are signed in with your Apple ID and password in Settings → iTunes & App Store. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple cautions users that each new registered finger “might make fingerprint recognition take slightly longer” so that’s something worth keeping in mind.

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