Let your voice be heard: here’s how to give Apple feedback about their products and services


Apple has an online feedback system where the company’s users can tell Apple what they think about their products. The system allows users to leave comments and criticism about their products, such as features they like or dislike about it, and suggestions for improving them in the future.

In this tutorial, we’ll share with you how you can leave feedback for an Apple product or service.

Why to leave feedback for Apple

When you leave feedback, you’re helping Apple improve their products because they can better tailor their future products to the needs of their consumers.

If no one ever left feedback, then Apple wouldn’t really know where to start to improve their products; but, by actively telling them what’s wrong with their products and what you wish you could do with them, you give them a place to start.

Telling them what you like about their products also tells the company where they can spend less of their efforts to improve so that they can spend more efforts elsewhere where it may be necessary.

How to leave Apple feedback about a product or service

Apple’s online Product Feedback page is the place to go when you have comments or criticism about any of Apple’s products and services.

The page includes links for all of Apple’s main product offerings, whether it’s your Mac, mobile device, software Apple made that you downloaded, Apple Music, or something else made by Apple. This feedback system is not intended for third-party accessories, third-party apps, and other third-party devices, because Apple has no control over what other people are making – only that of what Apple makes.

If you’re going to submit feedback on one of the devices or services you’re using that was made by Apple, then you can follow these steps:

1) Launch a web browser on your computer and visit the Apple Product Feedback page.

2) Select and click on a product from the list that you wish to leave feedback on. For this example, we’ll be leaving feedback on the MacBook Pro.

apple product feedback guide select a product

3) This takes you to a form where you can tell Apple a little about yourself, the product you’re giving feedback on, and where you can say anything you’d like Apple to hear.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.14.47 PM

You will be asked for:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • A subject for the feedback
  • The type of feedback it is
  • Any comments you’d like Apple to read
  • The type of computer you own
  • The version of the operating system it’s running

Of course, these fields will vary depending on the product that you choose. For example, if we were leaving feedback for the iPhone, it wouldn’t ask what type of computer we owned and if we were leaving feedback about Apple Music, we would be asked what devices we use the service on.

4) Click on the blue Submit Feedback button when you’re satisfied with what you’ve listed for Apple to see.

That’s it, you’ve just submitted your feedback to Apple!

Advice for submitting your feedback form

The general rule of thumb is you should complete all the fields and the email gives Apple a way to get in touch with you if you get lucky.

Although Apple won’t be able to reach out and answer everybody based on their wants and desires, they may contact a very small number of people that use the service every so often for more details.

Also, you should try to keep your feedback as professional and realistic as possible. So, if you contact Apple and ask them to let you jailbreak your iPhone so you can install potentially insecure third-party software on it, you more than likely won’t get an answer and you also probably won’t get your request. On the other hand, asking them to enhance the features of iOS for more user configuration and user control may be a more realistic request that Apple could work with.

Of course, there are no guarantees Apple will fulfill your requests. This is just a feature for Apple to help get a perspective on how its doing and to decide where product improvement needs the most work.

This feedback feature works great for helping Apple improve issues with software bugs, hardware performance, and feature requests, but any hardcore bug reports should still be submitted to Apple by the old-fashioned Apple Bug Reporter online.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to have your voice heard with Apple, you can start telling the company you do business with what you like and dislike about their products and services. If you’re lucky, future iterations of their devices may include the features you desire most, or fix the problems you’re experiencing with your current products.

What kinds of feedback comments will you be leaving for Apple to read? Share in the comments below!