Tim Cook criticized after tweeting out blurry image taken during Super Bowl 50

Tim Cook Super Bowl 50 photo

After snapping up a photo from the 20-yard line of Levi’s Stadium at the end of the Super Bowl 50 game, Apple CEO Tim Cook thought it might be a good idea to share it with the world via his Twitter account.

And so he did, only to find out that the image he had taken prompted Twitterverse to go into ridicule mode.

As noted by The Verge, many Twitter users pointed out that the image Cook took on his iPhone is very blurry, and some of them tagged their comments on Twitter with the #ShotOniPhone hashtag that Apple uses to promote its latest ad campaign which—oh, the irony—focuses on iPhone photography features.

Following that image, Cook soon after posted another, less blurry photo.

Here are some choice comments users posted on Twitter.




Had Cook reviewed the photo before sharing it, none of this would’ve happened. It’s especially puzzling that Cook would tweet out such a poor-quality photo at a time when Apple has just rebooted its award-winning ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign.

Source: The Verge