How to force-quit apps on Apple TV

Although Apple TV is designed to just work, there are instances when a misbehaving app needs to be purged from the memory. And with the device’s ability to download third-party apps and games, more things can now go wrong than ever before.

Like your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac, your Apple TV also lets you easily close a running app to free up system resources. In this brief tutorial, we show you how you can force quit an app on the Apple TV HD, 4K, or older models using your Siri Remote.

Apps on Apple TV screen with Apple TV box and remote in front of the screen

How to force quit misbehaving Apple TV apps

1) Press the Home button on the remote to return to the Apple TV’s Home screen.

2) Double press the Home button to invoke the app switcher.

Apple TV App Switcher

3) Highlight an app by swiping left and right on the remote’s Touch surface.

4) Swipe up on the Touch surface to force-quit the selected app.

5) To exit the app switcher and return to the Home screen, simply press the Home button on the remote.

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