How to check how much storage space apps and games are taking up on Apple TV

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The new Apple TV comes in 32GB and 64GB flavors and choosing the model that’s right for you is influenced by your intended usage.

Apple TV apps don’t get persistent storage as tvOS automatically manages caching and purging downloaded content when storage is low.

Some apps, when in use, also require additional storage to cache content, like On-Demand Resources in games. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you to check out how much storage space an app is taking up on your Apple TV 4.

How to see how much storage Apple TV apps are taking up

Step 1: Go to Settings → General → Manage Storage under the Usage heading.

Step 2: A list of installed apps and games will pop up, sorted by most storage used to least storage used and showing how much space each item is using.

The more apps you download and store locally, the more storage is used up (video and music is always streamed). If you get a warning that you’re running out of disk space, you can remove apps on this screen in order to free up storage.

How to delete Apple TV apps

You can delete apps in two ways: using the Settings menu or directly from the Home screen. In Settings → General → Manage Storage, highlight the trash icon for an app with your Siri Remote and press the Touch surface to remove it.

This will delete the app and all of its data from the device. Apps you got rid of can be downloaded again from the App Store’s Purchased tab without repurchasing.

You can also remove apps directly from the Home screen, as Jeff’s tutorial details.

Which Apple TV model is right for you?

It basically comes down to this:

  • If you plan on using the Apple TV to primarily stream movies, TV shows and music, or to occasionally play games, the 32GB model should suffice.
  • If you’ll be downloading lots of apps and games, go for the 64GB model.

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