How to check Apple TV storage space


Although it’s possible to find out how much storage space that a particular app is using, it’s not currently possible to find out the cumulative amount of storage space, used space, and free space available on the Apple TV. A just-released app by enterprising developer Theodore Gerold is aiming to change that.

tvStorage is a new app that allows you to easily see details about your device’s storage. It’s an extremely simple utility that features a single page, and it sells for $0.99.

tvStorage free space apple tv

Truth to be told, there’s no reason why we should have to buy an app to see such basic information about our Apple TVs, but alas. Once tvStorage is installed, simply fire up the app, and you’ll be met with a single page, the app’s only page, that outlines your storage details.

Interestingly enough, tvStorage is reporting that I have 27GB of total space. That seems mighty low for a 64GB Apple TV, which mine is. It’s probably the app itself that hasn’t initialized the storage details correctly, because I know for a fact that I have a 64GB device, as tvOS is reporting it as so.

tvOS 9.1

Hopefully the developer will provide an update to fix the storage reporting error. I imagine that there will probably be other apps that come out that do similar things, so it may be worth waiting for a free alternative.

There’s another app, System Activity Monitor, that provides more information, such as Runtime Memory, CPU Core Usage, and more. That app is available on the App Store for $0.99 as well.

System Activity Monitor Apple TV

System Activity Monitor

It’s crazy that we have to result to paying a dollar in order to see such crucial information about our devices, but until Apple updates tvOS to provide that information, we’ll have to rely on third party apps like this for more details.