MeetingDnD enables Do Not Disturb based on calendar events


The Do Not Disturb preferences in the stock Settings app provides a limited level of scheduling for the DND feature found in iOS. If you want deeper scheduling capability, you’re going to need to rely on a jailbreak tweak like MeetingDND.

Just like the tweak’s name alludes to, MeetingDND allows you to create blocks of Do Not Disturb time based on calendar events. Check out the details in this post for more info.

Once MeetingDND is installed, it’s simply a matter of opening the stock Calendar app and adding a new event. To qualify for Do Not Disturb mode, events must not be set as an all day event and must have at least one associated alert. If your event meets that criteria, then you’ll be able to enable the Do Not Disturb toggle located at the bottom of the event setup page.

MeetingDND 2

Users also have the option of enabling automatic Do Not Disturb for created events that meet the outlined criteria. You can find a toggle for enabling DND by default in the tweak’s preferences in the stock Settings app.

While it’s possible to set a specific schedule for DND in the Do Not Disturb preferences, it’s only for a single time period. With MeetingDND, you get much more flexibility for establishing DND time periods.

Are you a big proponent of Do Not Disturb? Would you consider using this tweak? If you’d like to give MeetingDND a try, head over to the BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for $1.99.