Apple designer Marc Newson criticizes auto industry over lack of progress

Marc Newson 005

An interview with the world renown designer and recent Apple-hire Marc Newson popped up in The Wall Street Journal yesterday, covering a wide range of topics. The discussion yielded a number of interesting tidbits, including Newson’s thoughts on automotive design.

When asked what his design pet-peeve is, News responds unapologetically “the automotive industry.” He goes on to elaborate, “there were moments when cars somehow encapsulated everything that was good about progress. But right now we’re at the bottom of a trough.”

This is particularly interesting because Jony Ive, Apple’s design chief and Newson’s good friend, has also publicly criticized the auto industry for its lack of progress. In February’s staggering New Yorker profile, Ive said that there are a lot of “insipid” cars on the road these days.

The comments from two of Apple’s most influential tastemakers add fuel to recent speculation that Apple has set its sights on the automotive industry. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that the Cupertino company is working on an electric car initiative codenamed “Project Titan.”

Newson has, among many other projects, designed cars in the past, including this 1999 021C coupe concept for the Ford Motor Company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal