Streaming music service Tidal launches pricey new family plans

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In response to Apple Music and other competitors, Tidal on Wednesday announced new family plans for its streaming music service. The new plans will allow up to 5 users to enjoy Tidal’s Premium and HiFi service tiers at a significant discount from standalone rates.

It works like this: a standalone account for Tidal Premium costs $9.99 per month, and a HiFi account costs $19.99 per month. With family plans, users can add up to 4 additional users to their account at 50% off—$4.99/month for Premium, and $9.99/month for HiFi.

Each additional account will be managed under the primary or parent account user. Each account holder in TIDAL family plans maintains their own login and can customize music playlists, settings and content like any other subscriber.  The family pricing is available to anyone that adds between one and four additional accounts to their subscription and payment for those accounts is made by the primary user. Each account user can enjoy unlimited online streaming and register up to three devices for offline mode use.

While a solid discount from its individual plans, Tidal’s new family plans are quite a bit more expensive than those of other services. For example, Apple Music offers streaming for up to 6 users for $14.99 per month. Tidal Premium ($10+$5+$5+$5+$5) is $25 for 5 users.

Owned by hip-hop heavyweight Jay-Z and other artists, Tidal launched in March promising to “change the game” with hi-fidelity music. But high pricing and evidence that few can tell a real difference in audio quality, have canceled out Tidal’s biggest differentiating feature.

And these expensive family plans won’t help its cause. Apple Music launched last week armed with an industry-leading 3-month free trial and premium placement on the world’s most popular smartphone, and Spotify seems to be preparing to take its service to the next level.

Source: Tidal