Velox 2 is now available on Cydia

Velox 2 Settings App

March 6, 2015. That was when I previewed Velox 2 on video. Needless to say it’s been a long journey for this tweak, but it’s finally available for purchase on Cydia.

Velox is a tweak that lets you access custom folders for apps that contain notifications, or access various functions pertaining to the app. Some apps, like the Settings app, feature a folder full of special functions. Other apps, apps that haven’t been given special attention, simply show any available notifications.

The original Velox was easily one of my most anticipated Cydia tweaks, but in the end, it never quite lived up to the hype. That said, it’s still a very popular tweak with lots of innovating features, and totally worth a look. Watch our video of Velox 2 for a reminder of what to expect.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having DRM issues with Velox, so I haven’t been able to get the final Cydia build to work on my iPhone 6 Plus. Others have apparently had no issue with this.

Velox 2 is now available on Cydia for $1.99. If you have it installed, please let me know what your experience with the tweak has been like thus far. Do you like it? Do you find that the custom app folders make your life easier? Drop me a line in the comments with the details.