Hands-on with Velox 2

Velox 2 Settings App

I’ve had a copy of Velox 2 for several weeks, and I’ve seen it progress as its developer, Phillip Tennen, brings new features to the table. Every week, there seems to be a new feature or a new addition, which is promising for the highly anticipated tweak.

Velox, as you’re likely aware of, allows you to access special views for an app on the SpringBoard by means of a simple activation gesture. The default gesture, a swipe up on the app icon, will yield a special “Velox view”, or if no view exists for the app in question, a Notifications view for all of the app’s pending notifications.

If you’re familiar with the original Velox, then you largely know what to expect from Velox 2. But there are several new additions that appear in the sequel that promise to breathe some fresh air into the tweak…

Once Velox 2 is installed, a simple swipe up gesture on any of the app icons on the Home screen will yield either a Velox view or a Notifications view. The Velox views are specially designed extensions that work with the various apps on your device. If an app doesn’t feature a Velox view, then it defaults to the Notifications view.

The Notifications view, as you might imagine, allows you to view notifications associated with the app in one centralized location. Users can force an app to default to a specific view by means of the preferences for the tweak.

Velox 2

If you’ve used Velox before, then much of the experience should be familiar to you. There are some key differences, though. One big difference is the presence of Touch ID support for protecting sensitive Velox views.

Additional features are planned as well, ones that I’m not privileged to talk about at the moment. You should expect the experience to be largely similar to the original Velox, with a fews twists and turns thrown in for good measure.

Velox 2 Preferences

There’s currently not ETA for the release of Velox 2, but I have to tell you that there seems to be a new feature or a big change with every new iteration of the tweak that I try. Velox 2 is a promising upcoming release. Stay tuned for more details about its arrival.

What do you think about Velox 2? Are you a big user of the original version? Are you looking forward to the sequel?