How to move pictures from the Mac Photos app to Google Photos

Upload Google Photos

Google Photos is a recently released cloud service from Google that allows users to store an unlimited amount of high quality photos without having to worry about costs or storage ceilings. If you’re someone who takes lots of photos with your phone, then it may be worth considering.

Announced at the 2015 Google I/O developer conference, Google Photos is available on a variety of different platforms, including the web, iOS and, of course, Android. But what if you already have tons of photos stored in the Photos app for Mac, which was also recently released?

In this brief tutorial, I’ll show you two ways to easily copy the pictures in your Photos app library to Google Photos. Watch our video to see how easy it is.

How to transfer pictures from Photos app to Google Photos

You can’t simply drag your photos directly from the Photos app on your Mac into Google Photos on the web. First, you’ll need to export the photos from the Photos app.

Step 1: Select the images in the Photos app for Mac that you wish to copy to Google Photos.

Step 2: Create a folder on your desktop.

Step 3: Drag those photos into your created folder.

Step 4: Open the folder and drag the exported images in the folder to Google Photos in your web browser.

Or, if you want more fine-grained control over things like metadata and naming, you can select the photos and click File → Export. This will provide you with more control over the export process. Once the images are exported, complete Step 4 as noted above.

Photos app Export Mac

Copying photos from the Photos app on Mac into Google Photos is easy, but just remember that you’ll need to export the images in some manner first.

What do you think? Would you consider migrating over to Google Photos? If so, please tell us why down below in the comments.