How to quickly return to the last used app on Apple Watch

This tiny tutorial tells you about simple tips to quickly return to the last used app on your Apple Watch so that it’s easier to multitask or switch back and forth between recently used apps!

Apple Watch app bubble showing several apps

On watchOS 9 or earlier

Apple Watch offers a really cool feature that allows you to quickly return to the last used app and makes it possible to quickly switch between two applications directly.

By double-pressing the Digital Crown in quick succession, you can instantly revert to the last used app or watch face in a flash. I think you’ll agree that this tip is effortless and useful.

As you can see in the video, double-clicking the Digital Crown allows you to return to the last used app. If you last viewed the watch face, then that will count as the last app, allowing you to quickly switch between an app and the watch face.

On watchOS 10 or later

watchOS 10 has removed this handy ability to quickly return to the last used app on the Apple Watch. Now when you quickly double-press the Digital Crown, it shows the Dock with your recent (or favorite) apps. You can pick an app from here. This is the quickest way to switch between your recent apps on your wrist.

Apple Watch Dock showing recent apps

watchOS 10 also introduces some other changes, like:

Note: Double-pressing or triple-pressing the Side button brings up Apple Pay.

Bonus tips: