How to quickly return to the last used app on Apple Watch

Apple Watch switch between apps

The Apple Watch contains a really cool feature that even the iPhone doesn’t have: it allows you to quickly return to the last used app, and makes it possible to quickly switch between two applications directly.

By double-pressing the Digital Crown in quick succession, you can quickly revert to the last used app or watch face in a flash. I think you’ll agree that this is a tip that will prove to be useful in the longterm, because it’s the closest thing to an App Switcher that we have on Apple Watch.

As you can see in the video, double-clicking the Digital Crown allows you to return to the last used app. If you last viewed the watch face, then that will count as the last app, allowing you to quickly switch between an app and the watch face.

Yes, this is a simple tip, but I find myself forgetting that it exists, so it’s always good to receive a reminder. For more tips like this, be sure to venture over to our Apple Watch tips page for more Apple Watch tutorials.