Fragment app update turns your photos into 3-D images

Fragment 1

If you were smart enough to pick up Fragment when it was Apple’s Free App of the Week, you may have already noticed the new features in the recent update. Version 1.6 has a couple of inspiring new features, including 3-D rendering of images. Grab yourself a pair of blue and reds and create photographs that pop right out at you.

The latest update to Fragment includes three new effects, Glow, Outline, and 3D Glasses. Each new filter will add an extra blast of beauty to your geometric subject matter.

Glow makes the contours radiate with color on the edges. The effect slider makes it possible for you to switch the glow from the outer edges to the inner edges. You can also increase the depth of a shape by selecting black for the color of your glow effect, creating a shadow.

Fragment 2

Outline thickens the lines of the Fragment shapes. Users can adjust the effect to define the inside, outside, or individual section of a shape. The outline

The 3D Glassess effect adds a layer of red and blue to the effect, making the original image viewable as a three-dimensional object when used with red-blue glasses.

Version 1.6 has one more feature that will appeal to vector graphics fans out there. You can now import your own custom shapes in SVG format to use with the layering and effects available in Fragment.

Of course, if you already own Pixite’s other photo effects apps, like Tangent, Union, Shift, or Matter, you can mask and blend your Fragment edits inside one or more of the other apps for a truly unique look

Fragment 3

If you are having trouble getting inspired to create unique geometric photography, you can visit the Inspirations section of the app to view daily Instagram spotlights from users. If you are lucky, one of your projects may make the grade.

Fragment is available for $1.99 (I should point out that, at the time of writing this, the app is $2.99, but it should be back to normal price very soon) on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you didn’t know about the recent sale on Fragment, but want to try the app for free, Pixite generously offered up a promo code to our readers. First one to use the code gets it.

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