Apple airs its first advertisement targeted specifically at China

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.10.09 PM

No, not a Super Bowl advertisement.

The China arm of Apple has debuted its first television advertisement in the region on Sunday, during a time when China has been crucial to Apple’s quarterly profits.

The one minute and a half advertisement, shown on the Apple China website and titled “Start Something New”, is geared towards the Chinese New Year. It’s similar to the US Apple advertisement called “The Song”.

In the advertisement, a young lady is using Apple software and hardware to convert a vintage audio recording to a format playable on an iPad.

Last week, Apple showed just how important China is – boosting advertising makes sense amongst a greater retail push. Sales in the Greater China region, which includes China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, grew 70 percent year over year to $16.1 billion in the quarter. China has become Apple’s second-biggest market, accounting for a big 21.6 percent of total revenues.

You can view the advertisement on Apple’s website.

Source: Apple China via 9to5mac