LongScreen is a great app for combining screenshots

Combine screenshots longscreen

I don’t think anyone takes more screenshots than an Apple blogger. They’re particularly convenient when doing an app review where you want to illustrate the post with proper screenshots showing the app in action. Oftentimes, we like to put screenshots side by side to give an even better overview of the app, which isn’t always a straightforward task.

Up until now, my workflow consisted of AirDropping screenshots to my iMac, and using a combination of Keyboard Maestro shortcuts and Pixelmator stitching. Painful! But thanks to a new app called LongScreen, this workflow is now considerably streamlined.

LongScreen is an application that allows you to combine screenshots side by side, as seen on the image above, or even stitching screenshots vertically together. This feature is specifically helpful if you want to screenshot an entire webpage for example.

The app couldn’t be simpler to use. First you have to take a few screenshots, then launch LongScreen, which will automatically show screenshots available in your Camera Roll. Select whether you want to stitch screenshots vertically, or if you want to combine them side by side, and the app will do the rest. If you choose to merge screenshots vertically, the app will take care of all the heavy lifting and will automatically stitch the screenshots on top of each other to render one long final image. Once the final image has been generated, you can easily save it or share it using the stock Share sheet, including Messages, Mail, Facebook, etc.

A Settings panel gives you a little control over the screenshots. You can for example clean up the Status Bar for consistency purposes. For horizontal screenshots, you can select how much padding you want between each image.

LongScreen probably isn’t the first app to allow you to merge screenshots, but it’s a very simple and straightforward one, which has now become part of my workflow.

Obviously, your need for this app may very much vary, but if you find yourself merging screenshots from time to time, LongScreen is a must-have. It is available in the App Store for $2.99.