30 new and updated jailbreak tweaks to check out before the holidays

Cydia restart springboard

Ho ho ho! We’re just days away from Christmas now, and it looks like Santa Claus already stopped by and dropped a bunch of gifts in the form of tweaks. Alright, I’ll admit this is a terrible intro but I needed to tie it in with Christmas somehow.

This past week was again quite a fruitful one in terms of jailbreak tweak releases as we count no less than 28 new tweaks. That’s at least what I have found out, but as I said before, this list is by no means a comprehensive one, as I’m sure a few tweaks here and there might have gone unnoticed. If that’s the case, make sure to share what tweak I forgot in the comment section.

New tweaks

Allarm: lets you toggle all your alarms at once (free)

AnyDrop 3:share any file with other devices using AirDrop ($2.49 – review)

AppBox 8: a powerful Lock screen add-on for iOS 8 ($1.50 – review)

Carpe Diem: bring Notification Center widgets to the Reachability background ($0.99 – review)

Change 4G to LTE: change the 4G signal icon in the Status Bar to an LTE icon (free)

Disable iOS Swipe Back: disables the swipe back and forward gestures (free)

DisturbMeLater: disable Do Not Disturb after a set period of time (free – review)

DockColor: change the color of your dock (free)

FolderIcons: set custom icons for iOS folders (free)

FullNC: increase the amount of information showed on Lock screen and Notification Center banners (free)

IAWeatheriPhone6: adds weather icon and forecast to the Lock screen ($3)

iBatteryInfoPro2: get access to tons of info about your battery ($0.99)

InstaHidder: disable or hide parts of the Instagram UI (free)

iOS Terminal: a Terminal emulator for iOS (free)

iRelease: quickly quit running apps with a simple gesture (free)

Lat n Long: lets you update your weather GPS coordinates on demand (free)

LockSmoother+: lets you customize the look of your Lock screen by hiding elements ($0.99 – review)

MGAnyFile: upload any file to MEGA ($1.49)

Notifications Tab Remover: removes the Notification tab from Notification Center (free)

OneTapClear: clear Notification Center notifications with one tap (free)

ReachTheNyanCat: puts a NyanCat in the reachability view (free – review)

ReachWeather: brings weather conditions to Reachability (free – review)

RoundDock: make your iOS 8 dock rounder (free – review)

Rubik: turns off 3G when your iPhone is locked or on Wi-Fi (free)

SSHLock: a command line tool to lock the device over SSH (free)

SystemWidePredictiveText: increases the availability of QuickType in iOS 8 (free – review)

Share Widget for iOS 8: adds social share icons to Notification Center (free – review)

UnlockCounter: records the amount of times you unlock your iOS device per day (free)

Updated tweaks

Cydget: a powerful and flexible replacement system for WinterBoard Lock Widgets (free)

Veency: remotely log into your iPhone via VNC (free)