Facebook Messenger updated with doodles and captions for your photos


Facebook Messenger has received its iPhone 6 compatibility fix nearly a month ago, unlike their main iOS client which only got refreshed with half-baked support for the new iPhone screen sizes yesterday.

Be that as it may, Facebook today issued a small Messenger update adding the ability to adorn your photos with captions and casual scribbles and sketches.

Messenger 14.0 (what’s up with version numbers, Facebook?) is free in the App Store.

From release notes:

Now you can add colorful drawings and text to photos from your camera roll before you send them.

Earlier today, Facebook-owned Instagram updated with compatibility for the iPhone 6 screen sizes.

Today is the new iPads/Mac day so you could imagine I haven’t had a chance to take this Messenger update for a spin. If you have, we’ll be happy if you share your observations with us down in the comments.

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