Pako – Car Chase Simulator will give you a run for your money

Pako 1

Car chase scenes are some of my favorites in action flicks. You really don’t see enough of them anymore. My favorite is when buildings and vehicles randomly explode with little or no reason why.

Pako – Car Chase Simulator is another in the recent influx of simulation games. Players try to keep their car on the road while avoiding the cops that are closing in, random explosions included…

Players control, or rather, fail to control a getaway car with loose steering and no brakes while being chased by a legion of police vehicles and even tanks. Earn extra time for running over civilians and lose the game for hitting, well, anything.

Pako 3

Choose from five different courses, including a mall parking lot, a crowded highway, a suburban neighborhood, and a cemetery. Each level offers different obstacles and entertainment. For example, the cemetery has lots of undead running around for you to crush.

Each level features a different car with different abilities. For example, the hearse has a poor turning radius while the parking authority three-wheeler turns on a dime.

Pako 2

Players take off in their getaway car and attempt to control it by tapping the right and left side of the screen. There are no brakes and the engine remains in drive the whole time, so you’ll be struggling to avoid crashing into things from the start.

The goal is to stay on the road for as long as possible before losing it. There are no points, but your score is based on how long you can survive. As you may guess, surviving is not easy to do. No matter how light you tap a streetlight or how hard you ram into an oncoming bus, the result is the same, game over.

Players are stuck in some enclosed area, whether it be the parking lot with no exit, or the neighborhood with no end. You will never get away from the cops, but trying to outrun them will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Pako – Car Chase Simulator is on sale for half off at $0.99 for a limited period of time on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Pako? Are you planning on shaking the cops today?