Stars and moons wallpapers for iPhone

stars and moons iDevice Graphics splash

Previous popular wallpapers included galaxy images. Our galaxy variant and starred night sky wallpaper posts were some of the most popular over our first year of Wallpapers of the Week. In the spirit of giving the readers more of what they want, this week we present another set of galaxy inspired wallpapers.

Today, there is a pack of wallpaper posts highlighting a whimsical approach to the starry sky. From creatively placed moons, to clouds and even space ships, if you are into galaxies, possibly far, far away, step inside for your downloads…

Stars and moons wallpapers for iPhone

The collection below was gathered by @iDeviceGFX, operated by @CenixNova. The iDevice twitter account shares wallpapers on a daily basis and I recommend checking out the timeline for some other excellent walls.

Goodnight Tale mod splash

Download: Goodnight Tale mod (left); Goodnight Tale mod II (top); Goodnight Tale mod III (bottom)

Progeny mod splash

Download: Progeny mod II (left); Progeny mod III (right)

Statica mod splash

Download: Statica mod (left); Silent Passenger mod (right)


As always, please feel free to catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. Send me your submissions and watch out for retweets of other images I find on my daily musings. Alternatively, shoot me your wallpapers through email Please make sure your images are pre-formatted for iOS devices.