Galaxy wallpapers

Jon Berry galaxy wallpaper splash

Another Sunday, another Wallpapers of the Week submission. Guys, keep the comments coming and make sure to catch me on Twitter to share the goods. This week is a featured artist who dropped me a tweet a couple weeks back and I am able to get him in the feed of wallpapers.

The section is only kept popular by the readers like you! To me, there is nothing better than a fresh wallpaper every week, if not every day. Thankfully, this week we have a three-for-one deal, with iPad included. Step past the fold for a quick download…


This week, the featured artist is Jon Berry, who we previously included in another wallpaper post. Jon is a graphic artist that dabbles in photography on his personal blog. Similarly, he frequently posts his creations on twitter @jonnyb098. Below are his galaxy created wallpapers for both iPhone and iPad.


Atmosphere: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Frontier: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Nebulous: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Nabbing these slick wallpapers is a simple tap away. Under the above thumbnails, tap the device for which you want the image. Once the full resolution image is loaded, tap hold, then save to Camera Roll. From either the or, navigate to the newly saved image and set as wallpaper. On a desktop, right click save the image to the iTunes sync folder and it will appear the next time your device is synced.


Like you see today, the featured artist sent me his images via @jim_gresham. I encourage you to chat with me or send over images for consideration. Alternatively, you can embed your images into an email to I look forward to your images.