Wallpapers of the week: starred night sky

starred sky wallpaper splash wotw

Another post arrives in the Wallpapers of the Week section, as the calendar turns to another Sunday. Last week, we posted Apple’s newest teaser wallpaper which debuted in their Valentine’s Day advertisement for iPad Air. As the wallpaper was pink, it seems our hyper masculine readership did not take very well to the selection.

Considering the small rebellion, today the wallpapers are photo images, which is a complete break from any Apple replicated gradient images. We try to monitor the sentiment of readers through the comment section. If you want to help direct the wallpapers, keep the comments coming, but we rely on positive comments too…


The starry night sky is one of nature’s most beautiful wonders. The following wallpapers capture the essence of vibrance and color. Using photographs as wallpapers will create depth to your flat Home screen. Below are links to full parallax versions of each image.


Download: iPad retina; iPhone 5/s/c

When Worlds Collide

Download: iPad retina; iPhone 5/s/c


To download these images, tap the corresponding device name below the picture. Once the full resolution loads, tap hold and save the image to Camera Roll. From either Photos.app or Settings.app, set the image as wallpaper. From a desktop, simply save the full image to the iTunes sync folder.


As always, please feel free to pass me your best wallpaper selections. Catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham, or send them embedded into an email to jim@idownloadblog.com. I always take a look at what comes in and base it on the images I found across the web during any given week.