iPhone captures 42% market share in the United States for May

galaxy s5 iphone 5s

The latest numbers reveal that the iPhone remains the most popular smartphone in the United States, with 41.9% market share for a three-month period ending May 2014. Samsung was the second most popular smartphone maker with a 27.8% share, attributed to its Galaxy-branded devices. LG (6.5%), Motorola (6.3%) and HTC (5.1%) round off the top five.

While the iPhone was the most popular smartphone, Android held a commanding 52.1% share among mobile platforms. iOS followed not too far behind at 41.9%, while Windows Phone (3.4%), BlackBerry (2.3%) and Symbian (0.1%) all trailed by quite a distance. Android also had 52.1% market share for the three-month period ending February, while iOS gained 0.6 percentage points… 

ComScore May 2014

The figures are sourced from comScore MobiLens and Mobile Metrix, based on total smartphone subscribers aged 13-plus in the United States. The research reaffirms what has been the case for a long time: the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States, but Android is the most popular operating system. The two-horse race between Apple and Google continues.

comScore also revealed a list of the most popular smartphone apps for iOS and Android, with Facebook topping the list at 76.4% reach. Google Play trailed in second at 51.8%, followed closely by YouTube at 51.7%. Google Search, Pandora Radio, Google Maps, Gmail, Instagram, Yahoo Stocks and Facebook Messenger rounded off the top 10.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 will likely drive its market share even higher later this year.