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iPhone captures 42% market share in the United States for May

The latest numbers reveal that the iPhone remains the most popular smartphone in the United States, with 41.9% market share for a three-month period ending May 2014. Samsung was the second most popular smartphone maker with a 27.8% share, attributed to its Galaxy-branded devices. LG (6.5%), Motorola (6.3%) and HTC (5.1%) round off the top five.

While the iPhone was the most popular smartphone, Android held a commanding 52.1% share among mobile platforms. iOS followed not too far behind at 41.9%, while Windows Phone (3.4%), BlackBerry (2.3%) and Symbian (0.1%) all trailed by quite a distance. Android also had 52.1% market share for the three-month period ending February, while iOS gained 0.6 percentage points… 

iPhone now accounts for 36.6 percent of Japanese mobile phone market

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the iPhone now accounts for more than one-third of Japan's mobile phone market. Citing data from MM Research Institute Ltd, the outlet says shipments for Apple's smartphone jumped to 36.6% in the year-ended March.

That's a sizable jump from the previous year, where the iPhone held some 25% of the market, and it's all thanks to NTT Docomo. Last September, Apple inked a deal with the company—which is the largest carrier in Japan—to finally start officially offering its handset...

iPhone market share is bigger in Japan than it is in the US

According to market survey, Apple has a slightly bigger market share for iPhone in Japan than it does in the US, as the WSJ reports:

Even before that, the iPhone was Japan's best-selling smartphone, with a 37% market share in the six months ended Sept. 30, according to Tokyo's MM Research Institute. That's comparable to the iPhone's 36% share in the U.S. in the third quarter, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The market share in Japan is also expected to grow a bit due to the fact that carrier NTT DoCoMo started offering the iPhone for the first time in late September.

New iPhones pushed Apple to top US smartphone seller in September

According to data from market research firm Counterpoint Research, Apple was the top US smartphone seller in September. The company overtook the spot from Samsung, who had been #1 in the country since May.

And it's not hard to guess where the boost came from, Apple released not one but two new handsets last month. The iPhone 5s was the overall top selling smartphone in September, and the iPhone 5c came in third place...

NPD: iPhone 5 was top selling smartphone in the US last quarter

Strategy Analytics reported earlier today that Apple passed Samsung as the top US mobile phone vendor for the first time ever last quarter. The move was attributed to the company's big holiday push and strong iPhone 5 sales.

How strong? Well according to the NPD Group, Apple's latest handset was the top selling smartphone in the final quarter of last year. It accounted for 43% of all iPhone sales, and nearly 2/3 of all post-paid smartphones above $199...

iPhone market share predicted peaking at 22 percent in 2014

Is the iPhone ready to join the crowd of technology has-beens? That seems to be the impression from a Thursday report from one research firm. The Apple handset, which has been pummeled by negative headlines recently, now faces its marketshare high this year, followed by flatline growth through the rest of this decade.

According to ABI Research, Apple's handset in 2013 will reach 28 percent of the smartphone market, its growth flat through 2018.  The reason: the future of smartphones is in emerging markets and inexpensive handsets, an area Apple executives say they won't chase....

Apple is doomed: iPhone’s US share hits record 53%, Android down to 42%

If you skimmed recent headlines, you could think Google's Android was clearly in charge of the smartphone arms race. Yet, there are these pesky indicators that Apple's impending collapse ranks right up there with the Mayan Calendar crazy talk.

However, a new report by a smartphone tracking firm shows Apple has more than half of the US market.

In other words, one out of each two smartphones sold in the country is the iPhone. According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Apple now has captured a cool 53 percent of the market for smartphones in the United States, an increase from 37 percent in 2011. Meanwhile, Android fell to 42 percent, down from 53 percent a year ago. Along with grabbing ten percent from Android, Apple also apparently gained six percent of the market from RIM...

Google Maps loses half its marketshare in China due to iOS 6

In an effort to distance itself further from its rival, and to enjoy the benefits of building its own in-house software, Apple replaced Google Maps in iOS 6 with its own mapping solution. And it's been taking criticism over the switch ever since.

But iOS 6 Maps isn't just negatively impacting Apple. It's also substantially eating into Google's mobile maps marketshare around the globe. According to a new report, Google Maps marketshare declined by nearly 50% in China last quarter...

comScore: iPhone outgrew Android last quarter despite sales slump

Like clockwork, marketing research firm comScore released its quarterly report today on mobile and smartphone marketshare in the US. Today's report covers the three month span between April and June.

The data comes from comScore's intelligent online survey of a "nationally representative sample" of mobile subscribers age 13 and up. Continue reading for the results of last quarter's research...

The Kindle Fire is gaining market share but the iPad remains the king

Some interesting news has been released today regarding the recent success of the Kindle Fire, Amazon's flagship tablet device. According to iSuppli, Amazon managed to grab a 14% share of the tablet market in the last financial quarter, while Apple's market share dropped from 64% in Q3 to 57% in Q4.

Apple released the iPad 2 nearly a year ago so it makes perfect sense that demand will drop as the year goes on, especially when new products like the Fire get released later in the year. I expect market share to significantly increase further in Apple's favor when iPad 3 drops...

iPhone Usage Dropped Almost 5% During December

Despite what is sure to be a record-breaking month for Apple's iPhone sales, it appears that the handset's usage share may have actually fallen by almost 5%, if new figures are to be believed.

Advertising network Chikita has released data based on the number of ad impressions across its network while highlighting the top smartphone makers in the arena, with the iPhone seeing a reduction in its share during December.

The big gains came from Android-loving HTC and Samsung during the same period...