Beats airs “Jungle” remix of World Cup ad

Beats World Cup ad (Neymar 002)

After posting a five-minute World Cup commercial – basically an ode to soccer, its headphones and the iPhone 5sBeats on Monday released a shorter version of the “The Game Before The Game” ad.

Titled “Jay Z + Beats by Dre Jungle Remix”, it features a remix of “Jungle”, a song born out of the collaboration between Jay Z, X Ambassadaros and Jamie N Commons. Check it out after the break and tell us what you think in the comments…

The video, which runs one minute and nine seconds long, ran tonight during game five of the NBA finals.

Here it is.

Note the Brazilian references such as “City of God” and “Christ the Redeemer”. For those wondering, the X Ambassadors are a Brooklyn-based four-piece and Jamie N Commons is a British blues, rock and folk musician.

Both are signed to an Interscope subsidiary where Beats co-founder and music mogul Jimmy Iovine used to be a chairman until the $3 billion deal with Apple required him to step down.

Tim Cook tweeted out the previous, longer version of “The Game Before The Game” so he could promote the shorter version on his Twitter as well.

According to Billboard, Jay Z’s Remix will be available exclusively to Beats Music subscribers during its first week of release.

These videos are part of Beats’ ongoing World Cup campaign which has a website of its own, too. Chief marketing officer Omar Johnson characterized the campaign as the brand’s biggest spend.

They’ll air several short-form versions of the original ad in more than nine countries and in five different languages. Check out the original five-minute film below, directed by Nabil Elderkin and featuring the original version of Jay Z’s “Jungle”.

It’s been viewed ten million times in the 11 days since its upload to YouTube.

Beats is increasingly promoting itself as a brand popular with celebs and pro athletes. For example, its tie-in with ESPN’s Sports Center includes the Beats Pill characters as the “official unoffical” voices of pro basketball commentary.

A spokesperson for Beats has confirmed the firm’s plan to use the Miami Heat sensation and Samsung shill LeBron James in future advertising for the brand.

Indeed, LeBron can be seen in the original “The Game Before The Game” commercial alongside Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. and a host of other athletes.