Spotify announces it now has 10 million paying subscribers, 40 million active users

new spotify header

Spotify has announced that it’s surpassed two new major milestones in recent weeks. The streaming service says that it now has more than 10 million paying subscribers and over 40 million active users, in 56 markets around the globe.

For context, Pandora said last month that its active user count for March was 75.3 million. It didn’t say how many of those were paid accounts, but looking at its numbers from last year (2.5 million) Spotify may be close to passing it…

Here’s the note from Spotify’s blog:

“Today we are thrilled to announce a special milestone – we now have 10 million paying subscribers and more than 40 million active users across 56 markets! Wow — we’re incredibly grateful to the thousands of artists and millions of music fans around the world who have helped us reach this point. To celebrate, we thought we’d put together a fun infographic for you!”

And of course here’s the infographic:


While Pandora is still considered to be the market leader in music streaming, Spotify isn’t far behind. And it’s worth knowing who the major players are in this space, as Apple reportedly gears up to launch its own streaming service.

Although both companies have been silent on the matter, it’s believed that Apple is close to acquiring Beats Electronics. The deal would give the Cupertino firm control of Beats Music, a critically successful, on-demand music service.

In April, Spotify completely revamped its iOS app, which you can find in the App Store for free.