Tim Cook charity lunch auction sells for over $330K


Last month we told you about Tim Cook’s CharityBuzz auction. Folks were given the opportunity to bid on a one hour luncheon with Cook, the CEO of the world’s largest company, with proceeds going to benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

The lunch, which was donated by Cook himself, will take place at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and had an estimated value of $100,000. But as expected, bidders blew well past that amount. The auction ended this afternoon with a final bid of $330,001…

The winner of the auction will be able to meet with Tim Cook for approximately one hour in Cupertino, on a “mutually agreed upon date.” The cost of the meal is included, but travel must be paid by the auction winner. Cook also sweetened the deal last week:

Again, the money earned from the auction will benefit the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights, a charity that hopes to achieve “a just and peaceful world by partnering with human rights leaders, teaching social justice and advancing corporate responsibility.”

Interestingly enough, the $330k brought in by this auction pales in comparison to Tim Cook’s previous charity event ($660k). MacRumors points out that this may have something to do with a shift in CharityBuzz’s authentication policy to better prevent false bids.