Download music from SoundCloud to your iPhone

SoundCloud Downloader Pro 1For those who may not already know about it, SoundCloud is a music service website that allows users and artists to upload their own songs, albums, podcasts, and whatever they want for others in the community to listen to, comment on, and share.

SoundCloud Downloader Pro makes it possible for you to find music, stream files online, and download tracks for offline listening. Create a playlist to hear your favorite SoundCloud songs anywhere…

SoundCloud lets artists easily create and post music and audio to the website, complete with a designated web address. As long as you aren’t posting someone else’s music without their permission, you can put up just about anything you want.

There are lots of uploaders, as well as listeners, to SoundCloud files. You can share your music with others through a variety of social network websites and even embed files to your website. So, the site has a huge variety of music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

You can stream music from SoundCloud on your iPhone through the official app, but downloading music for offline listening is a different story.

That’s where this handy-dandy app comes in.

SoundCloud Downloader Pro 2

SoundCloud Downloader Pro does what it says. You can download any file that is available for offline listening right inside the app and create your own personal playlist. In short, you can download music from SoundCloud to your iPhone effortlessly.

Search for music by song, artist, or user name. The app is default filtered to only search for files that give permission to be downloaded. You can toggle the search to find all files, but if you try to download music that does not give permission, you won’t be able to. You can stream it, but you can’t download it.

When you find something you want to listen to, tap it. You will be asked in a prompt whether you want to download the song or not. You can choose from low quality or high quality. High quality is only available with the unlocked version.

When you are ready to start listening, go to your music playlist under the “Listen” section. The free version obscures the artwork, but all playback features are enabled. You can also listen to music on AirPlay-enabled devices with this app.

SoundCloud Downloader Pro 3The premium content in this app, which can be unlocked for $1.99, includes the ability to download high-quality files, see album artwork, access lockscreen controls, and listen to music while the app is running in the background. The added features of the premium content are well worth the purchase price.

This app is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

Are you a fan of SoundCloud? What do you think of this app?