3 ways to download music from SoundCloud to iPhone

Want to save a SoundCloud track as Mp3 for offline listening? This tutorial shows you how to download songs from SoundCloud locally to your iPhone or iPad and listen anytime without an internet connection.

Download music from SoundCloud to iPhone

1. Subscribe to SoundCloud Go or Go+

You can subscribe to SoundCloud Go ($4.99/month) or SoundCloud Go+ ($9.99/month) and get the ability to save music in the app for offline listening. Besides that, these subscriptions offer other perks such as ad-free listening. Buying a subscription also ensures the independent artists you love are paid for their hard work.

Note: SoundCloud Go and Go+ aren’t available in all countries.

2. Use an iOS shortcut to download SoundCloud songs for free

Here’s how to download music from SoundCloud locally to your iPhone or iPad:

1) Get the Soundcloud Downloader shortcut and add it to your iPhone. If you aren’t on iOS 15 but iOS 14 or earlier, make sure you allow untrusted shortcuts on your device.

2) Open the SoundCloud app or visit SoundCloud in a browser and find the song you wish to save as mp3. For this tutorial, we’re using the app.

3) Tap the three dots button next to the song.

Add Shortcut to download SoundCloud music on iPhone

4) Scroll left on the row of apps and tap More.

5) Tap Soundcloud Downloader from the iOS Share Sheet.

Add link to Soundcloud Downloader iOS shortcut

6) Make sure you attend to all the notifications and tap Allow Once or Always Allow.

7) Choose the desired location in the Files app and tap Done.

Music downloaded from SoundCloud to iPhone

8) Open the Files app and go to the location where you saved the downloaded SoundCloud track. Tap the downloaded MP3 track to play it.

Play SoundCloud Mp3 offline on iPhone

In addition to the above shortcut, you can use the SoundCloud Music Downloader iOS shortcut. Like the first one, this too is by chrunos on RoutineHub.co.

3. Use the SoundCloud to Mp3 website

If you just have to download a few songs from SoundCloud, you can use the steps below. It doesn’t require any app or shortcut.

1) Open the SoundCloud app or the website and copy the song link. You can do this by tapping the three dots button > Copy link.

Copy SoundCloud song link

2) Visit SoundCloud to Mp3 in Safari.

3) Paste the copied SoundCloud track link here and tap the download button.

4) Scroll down and tap 128 KBPS MP3. It will start playing the song in a new Safari tab.

Download SoundCloud Mp3 file on iPhone

5) Tap the share button.

6) Tap Save to Files > choose a location > Save.

7) Open the iPhone or iPad Files app to see the song downloaded from SoundCloud.

Save SoundCloud song to iPhone in the Files app

Note: Some songs may show an error and fail to download. At times, refreshing the page might help.

This is how you can download and save music from SoundCloud offline to your iPhone or iPad. Next, you can even turn these songs into your iPhone ringtone without the need of a computer!

If you wish to have these songs to the built-in iPhone Music app, you can AirDrop these files to your Mac, and after that, transfer them to the iPhone music app.

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