In time for the Super Bowl, Apple posts shortened ‘Light Verse’ and ‘Sound Verse’ iPad Air ads

Apple iPad Air ad (Light Verse, short)

Earlier this month during the NFL playoffs, Apple posted a new iPad Air commercial titled ‘Your Verse Anthem’ and featuring a voiceover from the 1989 American drama film Dead Poets Society. Running one minute and 30 seconds long, it’s been airing on television for several days now.

With the Super Bowl looming, the company has now released shortened versions of the commercial to its YouTube channel, each conveniently running 30 seconds long…

There are two 30-second video advertisements available, one named ‘Light Verse’ and the other called ‘Sound Verse’.

Here’s ‘Light Verse’.

And ‘Sound Verse’.

For reference, here’s the original full-length ‘Your Verse Anthem’ commercial.

This campaign continues on the web, via a special ‘What will your verse be?’ web page with examples of how people use iPad every day, with such examples as underwater photography, windmill technicians, world-class mountaineers and more.

Last year, Apple posted a special ‘Life on iPad’ web page and a cool commercial that in the same vein highlights creative iPad uses the world over.

The new Verse ad feels like Apple getting back to its advertising roots, although some commenters questioned its serious tone and the use of poetry.

Which one do you prefer, the original full-lentgh spot or the shortened variations?